A Good Change of Plans

I have had some very special moments working in this community. Like today, when I rushed and rushed because I thought I was to arrive late to a meeting to find out no one came. I decided to blog, because I was in the middle of the jungle and the mosquitos were not that bad at this time in the morning and it was a perfect, serene place to reflect and write.

Until a dog started furiously barking at me.

Dogs can be protective of their territory to those unknown, but this dog was fierce and did not want me around. Luckily, a nice man came over and got rid of the dog. And we had a nice chat. He told me about growing up in a Guarani community in Brazil and gave me advice to give to the team on how to rebuild the outdoor oven that had crumbled in a storm. We talked for maybe twenty minutes and then he continued to work on the tiger wooden handcraft and I continued to write. We sat in silence, listening to the sound of the birds – and thanks to him – no longer the sound of the dog, and enjoyed each others company. Moments like these make me very thankful for my placement even if meetings are cancelled and I am not in the know.


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