Visit from Canada

Jos Noelle, the director of International Development at Niagara College, aka my boss, came to visit at the beginning of November. The visit began with a lunch in Iguazu where Jos and I discussed my internship, the complications and successes of the community, and he provided me with a lot of insight in regards to my future academic career. We then took a 5 hour bus ride to Corpus Christi that was of course stopped by a group of strikers. Luckily we were not held up for too long, and it actually gave us more time to chat and made room for a quick nap. The trip continued to a visit to ITEP, the institute that my fellow CIDA/Niagara College intern Tulliana works at. Here Jos made a quick speech, and then the mayor of the town took us to the Jesuit ruins and for a hike in the National Park. The excursions were followed by a lunch where Tulliana gave a presentation on the work she has been doing and Jos gave a brief but effective message on the importance of applied education for young professionals.


The following day we took a 14 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires for the International Tourism Fair of Latin America. I went with Jos Noelle, my Argentinan boss, Claudio Salvador, and a leader of the community, Ricardo Fernández, and also the tourism students of the instutite.  We went for several reasons: to make contacts with others in Tourism, to generate further ideas for our future company, and to give a presentation on our project and the connection between Canada and Argentina.  Unfortunately due to lack of organization and time constraints only Jos was able to speak. Jos presented of our organization to government representatives and businesses who are committed to sustainable and inclusive tourism development on our organization. He also discussed the partnership between the two cities of waterfalls that has taken place for over a decade.

Jos, Tulliana, ITEP teachers, Ricardo from Yyryapu, and I


The visit was a great learning experience and although Jos is moving on to future career endeavors I hope our paths cross again in the future.


2 thoughts on “Visit from Canada

  1. Diane, I am sure we can stay in touch. Your blog on the conference in Chile was again an excellent piece of observations. I hope many other people will also read it. All the best the next few months. I will start a blog on my experiences in Colombia. You can find it under

    Que vayas bien y abrazos a todos y todas amigos en Yryapu y Iguazu!


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